The Laboratory IEES has a strong involvement with the industrial reality through several significant research contracts with companies in the sector and with the Framework Programmes of the European Community. IEES is also represented in various national and international standardization and coordination of research in the field.

The Laboratory IEES has software tools for the analysis of large electrical systems and industrial using computer codes forefront in the development of decision support systems and neural networks (gensym G2), studies static and dynamic network such as load flow, stability, short circuit, harmonics, protection coordination, analysis of transient electromagnetic and control systems (Digsilent, PSCAD / EMTDC, ATP, MATLAB).

The laboratory has carried out studies related to Distributed Generation of small and medium size also renewable and related validations Networks Test co-partner in EU projects.

At the Laboratory operates a system of real-time monitoring and intelligent control of power consumption of the University of Genoa (annual consumption estimated at around 21 GWh) and consisting of 20 measuring points at the counters of medium voltage power and automatic collection consumption every minute. Such consumption, transmitted to a central server, are analyzed and assembled into load curves designed to carry out assessments for energy efficiency and for the optimal management of utilities.

Research Activities:

  • Analysis, modeling and simulation of components and controls of the electric system
  • Management and optimization of the power system and energy markets and ancillary services
  • Monitoring and preventive control-corrective operation of the power system
  • Decision support systems and applications of artificial intelligence planning and control of large power systems and industrial systems
  • Management, control and protection of shipboard power systems
  • Electrical distribution systems in the presence of distributed generation
  • Innovative technologies for small and medium size including micro-generation
  • Real-time monitoring and management of electrical loads for rational use of energy / energy saving
  • Systhem¬†and engineering aspects of home automation (home automation)