IEES (Intelligent Electrical Energy Systems)
The Laboratory IEES operates within the Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture Department (DITEN), a division of the University of Genoa, in the following fields of science: Industrial management and optimization of the power system, energy markets and ancillary services. Monitoring and corrective-preventive control of the power system. Analysis, modeling and simulation of components and controls of the electric system. Decision support systems and applications of artificial intelligence planning and control of large power systems and industrial systems. Advanced technologies and methods for the protection of electrical unige-2systems. Electrical distribution systems in the presence of distributed generation. Innovative technologies for micro-power generation. Real-time monitoring and management of electrical loads for the rationalization of consumption and energy saving. System and engineering aspects of lighting and home automation. The survey methodologies make use of integrated procedures simulation traditional and computer techniques borrowed from artificial intelligence, such as expert systems and neural networks.